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Summit Records Release of January 2007!
Speaking of Love

Speaking of Love CD

Scott's Diamonds for Nat CD
Summit Records Release of February 2006.
Diamonds for Nat

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Key:  TBN-trombone; CP-composer; ARR-arranger; VOC-vocalist; CD-conductor; PD-producer

Akiyoshi, Toshiko

     Yes, I Have No 4-Beat Today!  1995, Nippon Crown:  CRCJ-9132 (TBN) 

     Four Seasons Of Morita Village; 1996, BMG (Japan):  BVCJ-638 (TBN)

     Monopoly Game; 1998, BMG (Japan):  BVCJ-31003 (TBN)

     Tribute To Duke Ellington; 1999, BMG (Japan):  BVCJ-34005 (TBN)

     Hiroshima - Rising From The Abyss; 2001, Videoarts Music:  VACM-1189 (TBN)

Allred, Bill, Classic Jazz Band

     Red Hot Sessions; 1994, Sunjazz:  CD330 (ARR)

     Swing Riot! 1995, Sunjazz:  CD440 (ARR)

     Meet Me Where They Play The Blues; 1997, Sunjazz:  CD0045 (ARR)

     Versatility; 1999, Sunjazz:  CD0050 (ARR)

     Lean Mean Swing Machine; 2001, Sunjazz:  CD0060 (ARR)

     The Classic Swing Collection; 2002, Sunjazz:  CD0065 (ARR)

     2 The Max; 2003, Sunjazz:  CD0070 (ARR)

Anderson, Lew

     Live At The Blazer! 1998, Sovereign:  CDSOV-506 (TBN)

Andrew, Michael

     Overnight Success; 1993, M.A. Records (TBN, ARR)

DeNiro, Angela

     My Shining Hour; 2005, Consolidated Artists Productions (CAP 992). TBN, VOC.

     Swingin' with Legends; 1998, Early Autumn Productions, Inc.:  RJA6670 (TBN)


     Leave It To Diva; 1997, DIVA Ltd.:  CD-079602 (ARR)

     I Believe In You; 1999, DIVA Ltd. (ARR)

     Live in Concert; 2002, Arbors.  (ARR)

DMP Big Band

     Glenn Miller Project; 1996, DMP:  CD-519 (TBN, ARR, VOC)

     DMP Big Band Salutes Duke Ellington; 1997, DMP:  CD-520 (TBN, ARR)

Freelon, Nnenna

     Listen; 1994, Columbia:  CK 64323 (TBN)

Hubka, Diane

     Look No Further; 1999, A Records:  AL 73182 (TBN)

Longo, Pat

     Extreme Heat; 2003, Longann Records 2000: CD274 (TBN)

Manhattan Vocal Project, The

     When We Meet Again; 1996, MVP (VOC, TBN, CP, ARR, CD, PD)

Manilow, Barry

     Singin' With The Big Bands; 1994, Arista:  07822-18771-2 (TBN)

Moriya, Junko

     My Favorite Colors; 1997, Nippon Crown:  CRCJ-9141 (TBN)

North Texas State University Jazz Singers

     High Wire; 1987, Mark Records:  MJS-57621 (TBN)

NTSU One O'Clock Lab Band

     With Respect To Stan; 1986, North Texas Lab Band Records:  LA8601-NS (TBN)

     Lab '86; 1986, North Texas Lab Band Records:  LA8602-NS (TBN, CP, ARR)

     Live In Australia; 1987, North Texas Lab Band Records:  LI8701-NS (TBN)

     Lab '87; 1987, North Texas Lab Band Records:  LA8701-NS (TBN, CP, ARR)

Pendenza, John, and the Boulevard Big Band

     A Night On The Boulevard; 2000, Little Pearl (TBN)

Petersen, Pete, and the Collection Jazz Orchestra

     Playin' In The Park; 1985, Chase Music Group:  CMD 8019 (TBN)

     Straight Ahead; 1988, Chase Music Group:  CMD 8020 (CP, ARR)

     Night And Day; 1996, Chase Music Group:  CMD 8046 (CP, ARR)

Pied Pipers, The

     Dream; 2001, Courtney Records:  CACD 7101 (VOC, TBN, ARR, CD)

Pratt Brothers Big Band, The

     16 Men & A Chick Singer Swingin' ; 2004, Consolidated Artists Productions   CAP 985 (TBN)

     Groovy Encounters; 1997, Amosaya Music:  AM-2532-CD (TBN)

Talbert, Tom

     This Is Living! 1997, Chartmaker Records:  PDP 14480 (TBN)

University Of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band

     Lab '89; 1989, North Texas Jazz:  LA8901-NS (CP, ARR)
     North Texas Jazz:  Fifty Years; 1997, North Texas Jazz:  LA9702-NS (TBN, CP, 

Walton, Cedar

     Roots; 1999, Astor Place:  TCD 4010 (TBN)

Whitfield, Scott

     Serendipity; 1989, SW:  SW-1 (TBN, CP, ARR, CD, PD)

     To Be There; 1997, Amosaya Music:  AM-2533-CD (TBN, CP, ARR, PD)

     Hiding In Plain Sight; 2001, Amosaya Music:  AM-2549-CD (TBN, CP, ARR, PD) 

     Live at Birdland; 2004, Summit Records:  SU-390-CD (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, PD)  

     The Minute Game; 2005, Summit Records:  SU-408-CD (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, PD)  

     Diamonds for Nat; 2006, Summit Records:  SU-437-CD (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, PD)  

     Speaking of Love; 2007, Summit Records:  SU-470-CD (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, PD)  

Woods, Phil

     Groovin' to Marty Paich; 2005, SW:  Jazzed Media:  JM1005 (TBN)



Heartbreakers; 1999, MGM Pictures.  (ARR, no screen credit)

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