Scott Whitfield

trombonist, composer, arranger, vocalist, conductor, producer, educator

Discography (and more)

(Key: TBN-trombone; CP-composer; ARR-arranger; VOC-vocalist; CD-conductor; PD-producer)

Recordings (as leader or co-leader)

Serendipity; 1989, SW: SW-1 (TBN, CP, ARR, CD, PD)

When We Meet Again (Manhattan Vocal Project); 1996, MVP (VOC, TBN, CP, ARR, CD, PD)

To Be There; 1997, Amosaya Music: AM-2533-CD (TBN, CP, ARR, PD)

Hiding In Plain Sight; 2001, Amosaya Music: AM-2549-CD (TBN, CP, ARR, PD)

Live At Birdland; 2004, Summit Records: DCD 390 (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, CD, PD)

The Minute Game; 2005, Summit Records: DCD 408 (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, CD, PD)

Diamonds For Nat; 2006, Summit Records: DCD 437 (TBN, ARR, CD, PD)

Live At Charlie-O’s; 2006, Summit Records: DCD 460 (TBN, VOC, CP, ARR, PD)

Speaking Of Love….; 2007, Summit Records: DCD 470 (VOC, TBN, CP, ARR, PD)

Dreamsville (Ginger & Scott); 2007, Artios Group: 1200855 (VOC, TBN, CP, ARR, PD)

Tribute to Carl Fontana (with Andy Martin); 2009, Woofy Productions: WPCD169 (TBN)

Fast Friends (with Wayne Coniglio); 2014, Summit Records: DCD 629 (TBN, CP, ARR)

Solitary Moon: Ginger Berglund & Scott Whitfield Sing The Johnny Mandel Songbook; 2014, Bi-Coastal Music, Inc.: BCCD-1401 (VOC, TBN, ARR, PD, CD)

New Jazz Standards (Volume 2): 2016, Summit Records: DCD 683 (TBN)

Recordings (as a sideman or arranger)

Akiyoshi, Toshiko

  • Yes, I Have No 4-Beat Today! 1995, Nippon Crown: CRCJ-9132 (TBN)
  • Four Seasons Of Morita Village; 1996, BMG (Japan): BVCJ-638 (TBN)
  • Monopoly Game; 1998, BMG (Japan): BVCJ-31003 (TBN)
  • Tribute To Duke Ellington; 1999, BMG (Japan): BVCJ-34005 (TBN)
  • Hiroshima – Rising From The Abyss; 2001, Videoarts Music: VACM-1189 (TBN)

Allred, Bill, Classic Jazz Band

  • Red Hot Sessions; 1994, Sunjazz: CD330 (ARR)
  • Swing Riot! 1995, Sunjazz: CD440 (ARR)
  • Meet Me Where They Play The Blues; 1997, Sunjazz: CD0045 (ARR)
  • Versatility; 1999, Sunjazz: CD0050 (ARR)
  • Lean Mean Swing Machine; 2001, Sunjazz: CD0060 (ARR)
  • The Classic Swing Collection; 2002, Sunjazz: CD0065 (ARR)
  • 2theMAX; 2003, Sunjazz: CD0070 (ARR)

Anderson, Lew

  • Live At The Blazer! 1998, Sovereign: CDSOV-506 (TBN)

Andrew, Michael

  • Overnight Success; 1993, M.A. Records (TBN, ARR)

Bell, Michel

  • As Time Goes By; 2014, self-release, no number (TBN, ARR)

DeNiro, Angela

  • Swingin’ with Legends; 1998, Early Autumn Productions, Inc.: RJA6670 (TBN)
  • My Shining Hour; 2005, Consolidated Artists Productions: CAP 992 (TBN)


  • Leave It To Diva; 1997, DIVA Ltd.: CD-079602 (ARR)
  • I Believe In You; 1999, DIVA Ltd. (ARR)
  • Live in Concert; 2002, Arbors. (ARR)

DMP Big Band

  • Glenn Miller Project; 1996, DMP: CD-519 (TBN, ARR, VOC)
  • DMP Big Band Salutes Duke Ellington; 1997, DMP: CD-520 (TBN, ARR)

Fischer, Clare

  • Continuum; 2011, Clavo Records: CR201108 (TBN)
  • Ritmo!; 2012, Clavo Records: CR201209 (TBN)

Florence, Bob

  • Eternal Licks & Grooves; 2007, MAMA Records: MAA 1030 (TBN)
  • Legendary; 2009, MAMA Records: MAA 1037 (TBN)

Four Freshmen, The

  • The Four Freshmen & Live Trombones; 2009, The Four Freshmen Society (TBN, ARR)

Freelon, Nnenna

  • Listen; 1994, Columbia: CK 64323 (TBN)

Hall, Jennifer

  • Jennifer Hall Meets…..; 2006, Sea Breeze Records: SBJ-3085 (TBN)

Hubka, Diane

  • Look No Further; 1999, A Records: AL 73182 (TBN)

Kaska, Kevin

  • Shades Of Rio; 2014, Denouement Records: DR 1011 (TBN)

Kubis, Tom

  • Live And Unleashed!; 2013, Tom Kubis: CACD130301 (TBN)

Leitham, Jennifer

  • The Real Me; 2006, Sinistral Records: SRCD-0020 (PD)

Longo, Pat

  • Extreme Heat; 2003, Longann Records 2000: CD 274 (TBN)

Manilow, Barry

  • Singin’ With The Big Bands; 1994, Arista: 07822-18771-2 (TBN)

Moriya, Junko

  • My Favorite Colors; 1997, Nippon Crown: CRCJ-9141 (TBN)

Norman, Phil

  • “Totally” Live at Catalina Jazz Club; 2008, MAMA Records: MAA 1034 (ARR)
  • Encore; 2011, MAMA Records: MAA1040 (TBN, ARR)

North Texas State University Jazz Singers

  • High Wire; 1987, Mark Records: MJS-57621 (TBN)

NTSU One O’Clock Lab Band

  • With Respect To Stan; 1986, North Texas Lab Band Records: LA8601-NS (TBN)
  • Lab ’86; 1986, North Texas Lab Band Records: LA8602-NS (TBN, CP, ARR)
  • Live In Australia; 1987, North Texas Lab Band Records: LI8701-NS (TBN)
  • Lab ’87; 1987, North Texas Lab Band Records: LA8701-NS (TBN, CP, ARR)

Oster-Welker Jazz Alliance, The

  • Detour Ahead; 2010, Jazzed Media: JM1051 (TBN)

Pendenza, John, and the Boulevard Big Band

  • A Night On The Boulevard; 2000, Little Pearl (TBN)

Petersen, Pete, and the Collection Jazz Orchestra

  • Playin’ In The Park; 1985, Chase Music Group: CMD 8019 (TBN)
  • Straight Ahead; 1988, Chase Music Group: CMD 8020 (CP, ARR)
  • Night And Day; 1996, Chase Music Group: CMD 8046 (CP, ARR)

Pied Pipers, The

  • Dream; 2001, Courtney Records: CACD 7101 (VOC, TBN, ARR, CD)

Pratt Brothers Big Band, The

  • Groovy Encounters; 1997, Amosaya Music: AM-2532-CD (TBN)
  • 16 Men & A Chick Singer Swingin’; 2004, Consolidated Artists Productions: CAP 985 (TBN)

Sanders, Christopher

  • Curtain Call; 2012, Christopher Sanders (TBN, ARR, CD, PD)

Suter, Mike, and Slidewerke

  • The Geezer Strikes! 2007, American Creative Music: acm 0001 (TBN)

Talbert, Tom

  • This Is Living! 1997, Chartmaker Records: PDP 14480 (TBN)

Tole, Gary

  • One Kettle For Count; 2007, Summit Records: DCD 485 (TBN, CP, ARR)

University Of North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band

  • Lab ’89; 1989, North Texas Jazz: LA8901-NS (CP, ARR)
  • North Texas Jazz: Fifty Years; 1997, North Texas Jazz: LA9702-NS (TBN, CP, ARR)

Vax, Mike, and the Stan Kenton Alumni Band

  • Sounds From The Road; 2009, Summit Records: DCD 518 (TBN, ARR, VOC)
  • Have Band Will Travel; 2010, Summit Records: DCD 535 (TBN, ARR, VOC)
  • Road Scholars; 2013, Summit Records: DCD 618 (TBN, ARR, VOC)

Walton, Cedar

  • Roots; 1999, Astor Place: TCD 4010 (TBN)

Wexler, Judy

  • What I See; 2013, Jazzed Media: JM1065 (TBN)

Widner, Jim

  • Out Of This World; 2007, Chase Music Group: CMD 8077 (TBN, ARR)
  • And The Beat Goes On; 2013, Chase Music Group: CMD 8080 (TBN, ARR, VOC)

Winters, Deborah

  • Lovers After All; 2011, Jazzed Media: JM1055 (TBN)

Woods, Phil

  • Groovin’ To Marty Paich; 2005, Jazzed Media: JM 1005 (TBN)
  • Unheard Herd; 2006, Jazzed Media: JM 1013 (TBN)

Film Work

Heartbreakers; 1999, MGM Pictures. (ARR, uncredited)

Epic; 2013, Blue Sky. (TBN, uncredited)

Jersey Boys; 2014 (TBN)

Publications (educational)

The J.J. Johnson Collection; 1996, Hal Leonard Corporation.

Sing Jazz; 2002, Hal Leonard Corporation. (Song: When We Meet Again)

Blow Freely! 2008, Bi-Coastal Music, Inc.